JCL Associates, Inc. designs, develops, and implements business solutions that leverage existing legacy technology and information while providing a bridge to leading edge technology. Our mission is to assist businesses in creating innovative, affordable, reliable, and simpler solutions that increase availability to data, helping them achieve and exceed their information objectives.

Based in Houston, Texas, JCL was founded in 1990 and is a provider of quality technical services and products on a nationwide basis. We started as a custom programming services supplier and have expanded to include additional technology solutions and products. We serve a wide range...



Through a variety of resources, JCL Associates can help your company meet its Information Technology staffing needs.

Our team of consultants and programming staff has a proven track record in implementing technology that provides a competitive advantage for our clients. We understand that in today’s rapidly changing business environment, companies must make effective...



Determining Technology Needs

• Client Server Technology

• Presentation Graphics

• Application Solution Provider

• Programming Services

• E-Commerce

IT Consulting Services

• PC Based Networked Systems

• UNIX/Linux Systems

• Multiple database integration

• Web based applications

Programming Services

• AIX, Linux and Windows Server Applications

• Universe, Unidata and Pick based Systems

• Java, Visual Basic, Groovy, Grails